General Terms and Conditions of Business

Terms & Conditions of Rental & Business

  1. The rider must have the driving, physical and mental skills to control the vehicle issued to him or her and asserts that he/she will not use it if under the influence of drugs, alcohol or medication, and that he/she will follow the necessary safety regulations (e.g. requirement to wear a helmet).
  2. The rider undertakes to wear suitable motorcycle clothing.
  3. The rider has satisfied him/herself as to the vehicle’s condition and roadworthiness, and has familiarized him/herself with its safety features and devices.
  4. The renter is liable for any kind of damage arising from incorrect or improper use of the vehicle. Martin Erlacher shall not answer for any damage or injury caused by the customer to him/herself or others for whatever reason. The rider is responsible in accordance with statutory provisions for all damage that he or she knowingly or unknowingly causes, and undertakes to indemnify Martin Erlacher for any claims for compensation.
  5. He or she takes note that Martin Erlacher has taken out comprehensive liability insurance with an excess of Euro 1,000.00, which is solely for the account of the rider. For this purpose the sum of Euro 1,000.00 will be transferred to Martin Erlacher by notification of the customer’s credit card number and expiry date upon handover of the vehicle. In the case of the provision of a guarantee by credit card, Martin Erlacher is hereby expressly authorized in the event of any damage or claims for compensation on the part of third parties, failure to fully refuel the tank or the imposition of a traffic fine, to debit the amount owing. The same is true for vehicles of Martin Erlacher.
  6. In the event of theft, the excess of Euro 1.000,00.- will be retained.
  7. The rider undertakes to answer for any fines levied against him/her, and where necessary any penalty notice delivered subsequently, and to indemnify Martin Erlacher. This also applies to any possible penalties/fines and declarations under the terms of article 180 of the Italian Road Traffic Regulations, para. 8. The same is true for vehicles of Martin Erlacher.
  8. The vehicle may only be used on public roads.
  9. The vehicle’s paperwork may not be left in the vehicle.
  10. When parking, the steering wheel lock must be used.
  11. When travelling into another member country of the European Union, Martin Erlacher must be notified of both the destination and duration of the trip prior to departure. In all circumstances, journeys abroad are only permitted with Martin Erlacher’s authorization. Journeys outside of the EU are not permitted. Prior to travelling abroad, the rider must inform him/herself of any ineligibility for admission to which he/she may be subject, and the validity of his/her driving license.
  12. Recovery from a foreign country is under all circumstances for the account of the vehicle renter; in the case of personal negligence the cost of domestic recovery will also be invoiced to the renter.
  13. It is forbidden to transport underage children on the vehicle.
  14. The vehicle may under no circumstances be lent to third parties.
  15. The rider accepts the prices, terms and conditions indicated; these form an integral part of the contract.
  16. The vehicle will be handed to the rider with a full tank of fuel and must be fully fueled upon its return.
  17. In the event of return of the vehicle outside the opening hours the rider will be liable for the vehicle until next opening.
  18. In the event of unannounced late return the vehicle will be reported stolen within 24 hours.
  19. In the event of loss or accident the police/carabinieri must be called.
  20. Place of jurisdiction for any disputes that may arise is Bolzano.

Privacy: Information and assent to use of personal data under the terms of Legislative Decree 196/2003.

In accordance with article 13 of LD 196/03 we hereby inform you that your data will be processed for the purposes of internal accounting. The communication of data, which is processed electronically and in paper form, is on a voluntary basis: any refusal means that it will not be possible to process the data. Your data will not be passed on or published. You are entitled to request the updating, correction, amendment or deletion of incomplete or incorrect data at any time, and to exercise all additional rights according to Art. 7 of LD 196/2003 by contacting the holder of the data, Martin Erlacher.

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